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XtremeMortgageWorX has made a huge impact on my production, caliber of service and quality of life. It has allowed me to significantly increase the amount of business I am writing and what i can accomplish without adding staff. Because of its extreme efficiency, we have much better control over the business. Previously, all of the manual follow-up that was required to take care of our clients meant putting in very long hours. Because of the streamlined, automated process communications, we don't have to work late into the evening or arrive at the crack of dawn just to plow through emails or let clients know what's happening during the loan process. Borrowers appreciate that we're proactive with these communications, which helps them feel more comfortable.

On top of that, the relationship marketing campaigns are the best that i have in my 15+ years in the business. XtremeMortgageWorX has been sucha an instrumental part of my success that continued access to it, is a non-negotiable requirement when I moved to my current mortgage company. Now that they have implemented it, they can see why I was so insistent these tools had to be made available to producers. It allows us to increase prodcution without higher overhead or sacrificing time with our family.

Michael Addison

Senior Loan Officer

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As a working mother with a toddler XtremeMortgageWorX has been a savior. All of the built-in marketing, communications and efficiency tools have equipped me to not only maintain but increase my production while givinf me precious time to spend with my family.

Since my team started using this end-to-end mortgage solution in January, we have more than doubled our production. We are up on year over year numbers for purchase business by 20%, and are solidly on-track to close well over $110 Million this year. With XtremeMortgageWorx, I truly believe we will far exceed our goal of $130 million for next year.

What equips us to do that is the ideal combination of smart tools and timely data. Its mobile capabilities allow us to easily manage our pipeline on the go. It keeps everything we need at our fingertips in real time, so we're always working with the latest information. The automated emails sent to all parties have given me the freedom to sell more and have more time with my family. Overall, XtremeMortgageWorX helps keep my entire team focused and on-track, and it is making a huge impact on our success.

Jessica Baldwin

Residential Lending Advisor

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Xtreme MortgageworX is the most comprehensive CRM and marketing engine in the mortgage space. As a manager and mentor to many originators, we have to be willing to do what our competition isn’t, in order to take market share and have a compelling value proposition. We have many non-negotiable in our practice that allow us to create raving fans. This software gives us the transparency, consistency and visibility need to exponentially grow our practices. Additionally, as a manager or owner, the real time reporting, KPIs and dashboard, allows us to really track our business from a macro or micro perspective. The KPIs allow us to drill down and see what’s going on in our business as it’s happening. We no longer have to wait for some lagging indicator. This system has the power of a CRM, the marketing consistency needed to stay in front of our clients, referral partners and sphere of influence, and the power of a full time analyst. It’s a true game changer.

Brent Hicks

Branch Manager

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As a senior mortgage loan originator, my number one priority is our clients’ experience. The home buying experience can be intimidating, however through the use of XtremeMortgageWorX CRM, our process flow can be dialed in to help mitigate stress and create the ultimate transparency for all parties involved. We know how important it is for buyers, sellers, and agents to know that the financing is on track and this system makes helps communicate status updates so that all basis are covered. With real-time integration to our Loan Origination System (Encompass 360), the CRM platform allows us to reduce redundant data entry and ensure that all data flows seamlessly from the point of loan application and for years beyond their closing. The time that we save on each loan file allows us to spend more time communicating with each client and letting them know how much we appreciate the opportunity to help them through the purchase or refinance experience. It's great to work with a company that has the vision to reinvest in technology

Patrick Glaros

Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator

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Great CRM product for my mortgage business. Seamless follow -up accompanied by state-of-the-art technology. From a loan officers stand point this system is head over heals better than anything i have previously used. The intergration with Encompass 360 with real time data every 6 minutes sets me apart from any other loan offficer.

Michael Fooshee

Sales Manager

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Finally! After 12 years of originating, I have found a CRM that does it all! As a busy, working mom, I could not ask for a better system to help me manage my work day so I am producing more loans in less time while still delivering first class service. XtremeMortgageWorX automated emails keep my clients and referral partners informed on loans in process while giving me the tools to market to my client database and new prospects. The seamless integration with our loan origination system has never made it easier to be a top producing loan officer!

Laura Glass

Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator