What is Xbuzz

Are you wasting endless hours sifting through and purging useless, irrelevant internal emails? Is “Reply All” the bane of your existence? Do you run out of space in Outlook to save critical documents? Is every search of your company portal an exercise in frustration, because the information you need is impossible to find or out-of-date?

You can cut your email volume by half, custom-tailor the information you receive and get more done with fewer meetings. That’s the power of Xbuzz, the information manager built into XtremeMortgageWorX. With XtremeMortgageWorX as your central resource for timely intelligence, you can forget about email overload and archaic, black-hole portals. It’s also an indispensable connector, so you can communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently.
The Xbuzz application built into XtremeMortgageWorX puts everything in one central place and streamlines communications to what truly matters. Instead of wading through your inbox or portal for a document or information, critical notifications and targeted resources are pushed right to you. In fact, Xbuzz can reduce company email volume by 50 percent or more.
With Xbuzz, select who and what you want to follow within the company and get it funneled directly to you. When there’s a change, you get notified. You can follow:

  • People – colleagues with a particular specialty, or a key influencer.
  • Groups of individuals – a work team, a department, a group with similar interests
  • A file or document
  • A specific loan
  • A project
  • Conversations
  • Loan guidelines
  • Training videos
  • Anything else that interests you or makes your job easier