Social Media Power

You may be among the tens of millions of people today who use social media sites on a daily basis. Consider these facts:
  • Based on its “population” of 1.3 billion users, Facebook would be the largest country in the world.
  • Twitter users post 58 million tweets daily – and 135,000 new users sign up every day.
  • Each month, YouTube attracts one billion unique visitors, and its users watch 6 billion hours of video.
  • LinkedIn has more than 300 million users, and two new user joins every second.
What’s more, it’s overwhelmingly adults who are active on these sites, not kids. Individuals who are at least 30 years old comprise 55% of Twitter users, 62% of YouTube users, 65% of Facebook users, and a whopping 80% of all LinkedIn users. That makes social media a prime resource for relationship building and business intelligence.
Clearly, who you know – and what you know about them – can have a huge influence on your success. That’s why XtremeMortgageWorX builds in social media seamlessly as a key strategic tool. This powerful solution connects with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube directly from users’ contact records, so you can readily access and apply information on friends, fans and followers. This benefits individuals and teams across the company – from loan officers to Marketing to Human Resources to Customer Service. Because social media profiles are built on relationships, they are essential to doing business today. Capitalize on the social media capabilities of XtremeMortgageWorX to:

  • Enhance your visibility
  • Learn valuable information about current and potential contacts
  • Spot trends and similarities; identify prospective clients or partners
  • Make more personal and positive impressions in your business dealings
  • Strengthen professional connections more efficiently
Harness the power of XtremeMortgageWorX to tap social media resources without having to log in and out of separate sites. Stay more organized and productive by incorporating valuable information right into your contacts and communications tools. Request information today to find out how how your company will benefit from XtremeMortgageWorX and its built-in social media capabilities.

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