Automated Marketing

The ready-to-use marketing platform, which spans traditional and modern marketing methods, keeps you squarely in front of your prospects and partners, as well as current and past clients.
Benefit from the system’s built-in prompts, marketing campaigns and timely communications to stay in touch with your contacts. These informative and occasion-based communications are professional and polished. They include email and postcard programs, brochures, magazines and other marketing “touch” pieces. Customizable automated campaigns offer a variety of topics and content specifically targeted to:

  • Prospects
  • Loan Status on Active Clients & Third Parties
Five-Year, 120-Automated-Touch-Point Marketing Campaigns:
  • Realtors
  • Affinity Partners ( Builders, Financial Planners, CPAs, etc. )
  • Closed Clients
These powerful tools help you attract and build trust with future clients. They maintain exposure with past clients for referrals and repeat business. And, they enable you to develop the most profitable relationships with other industry professionals and referral sources.

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Xtreme MortgageworX is the most comprehensive CRM and marketing engine in the mortgage space ...

Brent Hicks

Branch Manager

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As a senior mortgage loan originator, my number one priority is our clients’ experience …

Patrick Glaros

Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator

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Great CRM product for my mortgage business. Seamless follow-up accompanied by state-of-the-art technology ...

Michael Fooshee

Sales Manager

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Finally! After 12 years of originating, I have found a CRM that does it all! As a busy ...

Laura Glass

Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator