Support for Branch Managers

  • Are you constantly prompting your loan officers on compliance & other time-sensitive requirements?

  • Do you know how much it costs you for loans that do not close?

  • How long does it take to determine if new employees are up to speed?

  • Can you quickly spot bottlenecks, spikes in turn times & trends affecting loan volumes?

  • What could you do with time now wasted in meetings or responding to the same questions over and over?

XtremeMortgageWorX solves these challenges for you, providing the insights and automation to profitably grow your office.

At the branch level, XtremeMortgageWorX reveals the performance of loan officers, loan processors, underwriters and loan funders. It spotlights who’s at the top, who needs training and who’s falling short. With its reporting capabilities, you can see big-picture results comparing different time periods, and drill down by Loan Officer, Processing, etc. From this single, easy-to-use system, you can:

  • Check and manage loan officers’ records and pipelines in real time
  • Track incoming loan applications, locks and estimated closings for the month
  • Monitor turn-times at every milestone in the loan process
  • Identify gaps in performance between loan officers
  • Quickly spot lags; identify and address the source of bottlenecks
  • See trends by loan officer, processor, etc. within the branch and beyond
  • Manage loan locks and other compliance information with automatically triggered notifications
The XtremeMortgageWorX summary dashboard provides essential information previously unavailable – or isolated and buried in disparate systems. It equips you with the tools and knowledge to make well-informed decisions and take timely action. With one click, use its reporting capabilities to see such items as:

  • Year-to-date loan applications and interest rate locks

  • Month-over-month comparisons of applications and fundings

  • The number of applications received, in processing, in underwriting and in funding at any time

  • Sources of closed loans by percentage

  • Contributions by referral source

XtremeMortgageWorX also streamlines your communications with integrated contacts and automatically triggered communications. It adds time to your day by keeping you organized and connected, and disseminating information to replace endless emails and meetings. XtremeMortgageWorX strengthens relationships with your team members, clients, partners and others. From sending out birthday greetings automatically, to prompting appropriate recognition of special occasions or contributions, it supports your performance as a producer and manager.

Find out how XtremeMortgageWorX can help you excel and eliminate many of the burdens and frustrations you deal with every day. Request information today!