Loan Officer's Solution

Gain clear advantage with XtremeMortgageWorX – the leading-edge mortgage production solution that propels you to new levels of success. This intelligent system arms you with timely, strategic information, supercharges your communications, strengthens your relationships and simplifies your life. It also provides unmatched visibility into your business and contacts - so you can see the big picture, and spot new connections, opportunities, trends and results.
XtremeMortgageWorX makes it easy for you to impress prospects, clients and referral sources every day. It helps you establish and reinforce the relationships that matter most to you. Its organizational resources turn your intentions and enthusiasm into action that gets results. These automated tools, coupled with your personal touch, continually build your reputation – and reservoirs of goodwill.

  • Allows real-time data updates from your LOS
  • Automates communications to prospects, clients and B2B partners
  • Centralizes ALL of your database contact information
  • Provides critical automated touch points, helping you manage your pipeline
  • Offers many automated, targeted communications campaigns
  • Simplifies searches for people, products, guidelines, loan status and much more
  • Sends automated updates to current clients and key stakeholders
  • Identifies top referring sources, loan turn times, pull-through percentages and other key metrics
  • Strategically integrates intelligence from social media
Communication is the lifeblood of your business, and it needs to be timely, genuine and informed. XtremeMortgageWorX collects incoming data and manages outgoing communications. It attaches each loan closed to the client’s contact record while keeping all of your contacts private – no one else can access them.
Automatic reminders notify you of contacts’ birthdays and other important occasions well in advance-so you can show your thoughtfulness by sending a personal, handwritten card or note as appropriate. It even calculates the number of years, so you can acknowledge milestones like a 40th birthday or 50th wedding anniversary. It will also generate email greetings delivered on the special day. No lost time or frustration searching through multiple systems or notes – and no missed birthdays. It’s all pushed to you.

Even more remarkable, XtremeMortgageWorX provides a direct connection to social media sites (Twitter and YouTube) right from your Contacts records. So, before you reach out to a prospect, a closed client, a Realtor or referral source, you can find out what’s going on in their lives.
XtremeMortgageWorX saves time and effort in working with borrowers every step of the way. It:

  • Profiles your client, revealing average age of your client, credit score, etc.
  • Automatically notifies and informs borrowers about the status of their loans
  • Shares loan process progression status via automated emails to realtors and builders
  • Monitors your clients’ locked loans
  • Triggers the dispatch of a gift to clients upon closing
XtremeMortgageWorX was conceived and built to make you a rock star by working smarter, not harder. With its uniquely powerful, production-specific capabilities, you’ll find it simply indispensable to your day-to-day activities and in achieving your goals. Request information for your company today.